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The Recruitment Market

Essentially there are two types of recruitment market, “Candidate Driven” and “Job Driven”.

Both are dependent on a number of combined factors. We are all well aware that the most significant one is the economy and where it is, in the cycle of upturn or downturn. Another major factor is where an individual lies on the salary scale/level of seniority, and a further strong influence is the particular skill set that happens to be in demand at the time.

The Candidate driven market is characterised by an availability of too few quality accountants and many job vacancies on offer. The opposite reflects the Job driven market, too few Jobs and many Candidates available. Economic downturn usually results in the transition from a Candidate driven market to a Job driven one and vice versa. This is a simple view of the recruitment market and in the current climate there are further intricacies to navigate due to an evolving job market, systems development, globalisation, and the changing needs of businesses.

An experienced Recruitment Consultant is very much aware of these factors, particularly if they have recruited through the last recession from 1989, through the period of prosperity over the last 10 years and into the current recession. Such a recruiter will usually be well equipped to advise both candidate and employer of the advantages and disadvantages of either market, and more importantly, how to tackle and survive it.

The first step of going into any job market is to invest in finding a knowledgeable and experienced Consultant to help you.

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