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Unilever says that by 2030 suppliers must pay staff enough to cover a family's basic needs.
Shoppers buying items from Europe now have to pay customs or VAT charges on those above a certain value.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok asked about their role in the recent violent events in Washington.
Holidaymakers in 2021 must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the travel firm says.
The brand is struggling in the pandemic but says a campaign with the footballer helped win new customers.
Brexit border hold-ups mean customers are starting to go elsewhere says UK meat exporters group.
Maria Raga, CEO of second-hand clothing app Depop, says users of the platform are “entrepreneurs”.
There has been a fourfold increase in mortgage products for those offering a 10% deposit.
Out-of-date tax systems mean people are falling through the cracks for help, MPs say.
The UK inflation rate jumps to 0.6% in December from 0.3% in November, led by higher transport costs.
Labour accuses Kwasi Kwarteng of "unpicking" workers' rights, as minister confirms he will review rules.
Fears had grown over the Alibaba founder's whereabouts because of pressure from Chinese authorities.
FAW counts Red Flag limousines, used by China's communist party leaders, among its products.
It comes as industry workers warn their livelihoods are at risk due to Brexit border problems.
President-elect Joe Biden has called for major stimulus - but how much will he be able to do?
Elona Mortimer-Zhika, chief executive of Iris Software Group, shares her business advice.
The streaming firm, which has been boosted by Covid, now has more than 200 million subscribers.
Janet Yellen, Joe Biden's choice to be treasury secretary, appears at her confirmation hearing in Washington.
US tariffs on Scotch whisky and cashmere remain in place as UK fails to reach deal with Washington.
Vauxhall's parent company warns it will no longer invest in pure diesel or petrol cars at Ellesmere Port.

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