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The drug company owned by the wealthy Sackler dynasty is facing 2,000 claims over its painkiller.
Drugs firm Sanofi has plans to fly supplies into the UK if transport routes are disrupted by Brexit.
The Copyright Directive was backed by 348 MEPs, with 278 against.
The memoir, published in November, could be the world's most popular autobiography, its publisher claims.
Changes to affordability checks are designed to help those trapped on high interest-rate home loans.
The ailing department store chain says an offer will not address its immediate funding needs.
The ride-sharing firm expands into the Middle East with the acquisition of a Dubai-based rival.
Investors face a two-year wait to see if they'll get any money back from a collapsed investment firm.
It comes as rival Boeing works to rebuild confidence in its 737 Max aircraft after two fatal crashes.
How collecting colourful washable nappies can become a costly and even somewhat addictive hobby.
Airlines are keeping safety training to an "absolute minimum" to cut costs, a flight safety expert says.
Which? calls for "urgent action" as MPs on the Scottish Affairs Committee meet to discuss access to cash.
Excessive executive pay is undermining the reputation of British companies, says the business committee.
Business owner Frank Liu, a victim of IP theft, says ideas should be protected like "human rights".
Tackling the "grey noise" of potentially malicious web traffic is a full-time job for IT teams.
The tech giant confirmed it was focusing on online services, rather than devices, at a live event.
HP sues Autonomy founder Mike Lynch in what is believed to be the UK's biggest civil fraud trial.
The mistake only became apparent when the "welcome to Edinburgh" announcement was made.
Slow speeds and poor value for money top lists of complaints about big UK broadband providers.
The firms training thousands of unemployed people to take the jobs that EU migrants are leaving behind.

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