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“I have known Chris for over 20 years and he has helped me recruit for a number of Financial Controller / Management Accountant roles. The key for me is the ability that Chris has to understand the nature of the business and the “fit” required for the candidate to integrate seamlessly into the team. Chris also understands me very well and knows my management style. It is this innate ability that Chris has which means the candidates are normally of the highest order and the process so much the easier for it. The relationship that we have means that when I have a need, Chris is my first call even when the brief is a little unusual! I currently work for a French company and the Group FD asked me to help recruit a French speaking, English qualified accountant to work in Paris, I gave Chris the brief and we were successful. More recently we were looking for an Ex-Pat with a Chemical background and General Management experience to work at our factory in Malaysia and given our success the last time, the Group Supply Chain Director asked for my help again. This – on the face of it – was clearly outside of Chris’s comfort zone but he took it on, and although he collaborated with another specialist, he managed the interface with myself and Paris and we hit gold; the person moved with his family to Malaysia and started work at the beginning of December! I would have no hesitation recommending Chris to anybody – and he can now add Ex-Pat recruitment to his own CV because recruiting a UK Ex-Pat graduate with plastics/rubber experience with a thermoplastic engineering degree and Factory management potential was really pulling the rabbit out of the hat!”

Mike Credicott
Management Consultant
General Manager   Marigold Industrial Ltd    May 2008 –


“Chris recruited me to Rotork in 2002 and since that time he has helped recruit several candidates for a variety of senior finance roles at Rotork. On each occasion Chris has presented a shortlist of candidates we wanted to see who were always relevant to the brief, sometimes having to try a number of routes to get a quality of shortlist he was happy with.  By taking time to meet and discuss the role with the candidates before sending them to us for interview, Chris has always ensured that the candidates know enough about the role and Rotork for there to be few surprises – something I appreciated as a candidate.  From the employers perspective it also has meant the candidates were always worth seeing and the decision to appoint a tough one.  Having worked with Rotork for so many years, Chris now knows many of the characters a new recruit would have to work with and understands the culture of Rotork making the process even more effective for all concerned.”

Jonathan Davis
Group Finance Director   Rotork plc


“I used Chris Cutting personally for recruitment of all of Rotork’s senior finance professionals. In that time we secured some very capable people who have helped me to make real improvements in Rotork’s systems and processes, several of these people having gone on to career progression inside Rotork. Many recruitment companies send out cvs – Chris didn’t, at least not with me. I asked him for a short list of candidates that he had identified and interviewed, and that is what I  got. Usually more than one of them could do the job competently; he doesn’t put people into the mix to make up the numbers.”

Robert Slater
Group Finance Director   Rotork plc  (Retired April 2010)


“Chris sums up everything that employers look for in a recruitment partner; someone who not only understands the brief, but also takes time to understand the character of the organisation. As a consequence, every candidate he recommends is worthy of serious consideration”

Mark Wilson
Finance Director   The Nelson Trust   
Finance Director   Bath Rugby plc   August 1999 –


“Chris recruited me into a role in 2007. He obviously knew the company and role he was recruiting and I felt he took time to get to know me. He kept me well informed throughout the recruitment process so that there were few surprises at interviews.  The highest accolade I can give Chris is that after many years in finance, Chris was the first recruitment agent I subsequently gave a personal recommendation of.”
Andrew Lewis
Group Finance Director   Avon Rubber plc


“I can thoroughly recommend Chris, as his style is to get to know people’s needs and target his efforts exactly at those needs, without any bias or alternative agenda. Because of this, I can always be sure that Chris’ advice will be relevant, accurate and reliable. When I was looking for the next move in my career, Chris offered invaluable advice, and continues to be a reference point as a sounding board, both for myself and for my recruiting needs. The simple testament of his worth is this – the quality of his work makes other recruiters look decidely mediocre, not just because he is knowledagble, capable and committed, but because he takes it upon himself not just to meet the expectations you may have begun with, but to surpass those and offer a much broader trusted business adviser service that happens to include recruitment. For me, the experience of using Chris’ services against the backdrop of the usual recruitment process was very much like opening my eyes after having been stumbling around in the dark, and I highly recommend others to enjoy the same quality.”

Gio D’Onofrio
Management Consultant
Commercial Manager   Wincanton plc   April 2006 –  December 2012


“The Hills Group are happy to be associated with Chris Cutting having known him over several years and having used him to recruit. I have found him easy to work with, knowledgeable about the market place and genuinely interested in our business. He presents candidates that fit the brief, simple as that.”
Adrian Knowles
Financial Director   Hills Waste Solutions Ltd


“Whenever Chris contacts me about a role he has something very relevant to my personal experience, skill set, personality and interests. Initially the opportunity at Smiths News plc did not seem to fit exactly what I was looking for, but trusting Chris’ judgement I knew it was worth finding out more. Through the interview process Chris gave me prompt and valuable feed back. When I was trying to decide whether to accept the offer Chris provided good suggestions to help me establish exactly how this compared with another role I was looking at. After a few phones calls, and a lunch meeting with my interviewers, I knew the opportunity was exactly what I was looking for and five months into the job it is ticking all the right boxes.”
Andrew Hancox
Finance Business Partner  Vodafone
Head of Finance   The Returns Company, Smiths News plc   July 2008 – July 2010


“I first met Chris Cutting when I was newly qualified and in search of a job.  Several years on, I’ll always phone Chris whenever I’m recruiting (or looking to be recruited) because the sound advice, experience and local knowledge are as valuable now as they were then.  Very few consultants can boast such consistency.  In addition I find that Chris’s help and advice are always available regardless of whether there’s likely to be a fee involved!”
Mark Owen
Financial Controller   I S Rayfast


“I have enjoyed a good working relationship with Chris over many years. I have experienced his professionalism both from an employer view point and also as a candidate. I can truthfully say that I have found him to have a sincere, open and honest approach to candidate and employer alike;  in short, a recruitment agent I can trust.”

Stephen Thomas
Finance Director   Helander Precision Engineering Ltd
Financial Director   Knorr-Bremse Rail System (UK) Ltd  2004 –


“Chris Cutting has been a constant source of high quality recruitment for years. He achieves this by ensuring candidates are a perfect match to the agreed role. Chris will not swamp you with dozens of recruitment offerings or waste your time if the candidate won’t fit technically or culturally. He is also a great sound board for recruitment ideas, no matter how difficult the strategy. Recently contacting me on assignment in the Czech Republic, he went on to source a Sales Director to work for a new business start up based in Prague. Question: Why “Chris Cutting Recruitment” when there are so many agencies and agents to choose from? Simple, he’s in it for the long term, building relationships rather than a quick profit. The excellent quality of service he provides speaks for itself.”

Philip Evans
Interim Management Consultant   Ex  Fujitsu, Qinetiq, Rolls Royce Plc


I have known Chris since 1996 and during the past years have been placed by Chris, a couple of times and have also sourced staff successfully via him too. I have always found Chris to have a refreshing approach to the recruitment industry and he really understands both the needs of client and candidate. Chris has also been a good sounding board on the recruitment market for the accountancy profession when trying to benchmark my respective finance teams over the years.

Adrian Wheeler
Finance Director   Excalibur Communications GB Ltd
Finance Director & Company Secretary    Metric Group Ltd  Dec 1999 – April 2012


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