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Chris Cutting Recruitment offers Psychometric testing by a fully qualified and experienced practitioner, covering both personality profiling and ability (numerical and verbal) testing.

Testing can be added as part of the recruitment process, or it can be used for companies seeking to train, develop and evaluate their staff. Personality based testing can be done on line and the competency based testing needs to be invigilated, as a preference, to avoid cheating!

As part of the recruitment process, psychometric testing is a useful tool in helping to identify the right personality to culture fit, in addition to identifying strengths and weaknesses that maybe critical to the performance and success of an individual in a pivotal role. Used between first and second interviews, the results can provide the basis of a more targeted questioning and lead to better decision making when deciding on which candidate to appoint.

Testing is also a very useful tool in improving the performance of individuals, which can lead to improved results for the whole business. Identifying and developing capable individuals can ensure continued performance and can transform organisations.

So whether you need to know more about an individual’s preferred working style as part of your recruitment process; or whether you need to help teams work more effectively together, psychometric testing can provide a valuable input. CCR can tailor this service according to your needs.

To discuss your requirement and the tests used, contact CCR on   01793 698063, or by email to:-

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