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Travellers must be arriving from ‘amber’ countries and have been inoculated in the US or Europe
US aircraft manufacturer reports first quarterly profit since September 2019
Supermarket’s biggest investor takes issue with takeover structure that allows grocer to dictate timings
A potent form of identity politics explains the UK premier’s apparent willingness to regulate football
Michael Viney says he owes company £14.7m but denies breaching contract or misleading authorities
US drugmaker expects to deliver 2.1bn doses of the coronavirus shot in 2021
Price inflation remains in double digits as buyer demand continues
Sovereign wealth fund will provide £100m of funding for the bid vehicle
UK bank announces £500m share buyback programme after restrictions lifted by Bank of England
Isar is attempting to rival Musk and Bezos with low-cost services for satellites
Deals to retain and recruit lawyers hit new highs as M&A fuels demand for services
Investors look to shield portfolios from rising prices as debt levels soar in the wake of pandemic
Brokerage to set aside up to 35% of shares to app customers in break from the norm
Critics fear Home Office policies after Brexit reflect a desire to limit the flow of migrants while ignoring the needs of UK businesses
Big Tech groups prosper as executives say pandemic-era shift to digital is here to stay
US president’s remarks follow breaches that paralysed critical services
Investors worry crackdown on structure used by education companies could spread to other sectors

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