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New commander-in-chief declares ‘democracy has prevailed’ after tumultuous transfer of power
Some Republicans warn that energy costs will rise as result of decision to re-enter compact
Imperial College study shows ‘no evidence of decline’ and slowly increasing R number
Think-tank calls for new reactors to counter intermittency of wind and solar energy
Investors lavish funds on known companies in favoured sectors at expense of tech start-ups
Pro-Trump cult had believed US election results would be violently overturned on January 20
Proud Boys member also among latest arrests in connection with the deadly assault
Nasdaq outperforms after pandemic winner Netflix suggests share buybacks to come
Beijing targets outgoing US secretary of state and 27 others for violating its sovereignty
Dramatic circumstances from pandemic to attack on democracy will shape the 46th presidency
PM suggests Britain can give speedy approval to any jabs needed to deal with new variants of virus
Strategic misjudgments are weakening not preserving Northern Ireland’s place in the UK
Prime minister expected to be cautious despite pressure from backbenchers to open up after vulnerable vaccinated
US investment bank caps buoyant earnings season across Wall Street
Alibaba shares rise after Chinese billionaire resurfaces on video after three-month absence
‘We’ll be back in some form,’ says 45th US president, but stops short of announcing another run in 2024
European officials say supply changes after ruling on doses per vial could derail vaccination plans
Commodity trader’s investment in vast Putin-backed Arctic oil development is its biggest ever
Lifestyle shifts and government measures boost market despite economic slowdown

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