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Amy Coney Barrett cements conservative majority on bench in time to decide election disputes
Testing of more than 350,000 people shows that antibodies fade within few months
More than 50 Conservatives write to PM suggesting Covid is widening north-south divide
Disappointment soon set in after the much-hyped listing of the music agency behind Korean pop phenomenon BTS
Female lawyer claims she was fired after criticising behaviour of bank’s chief litigator
Career civil servants say funding for pandemic recovery is being manipulated by Netanyahu and allies
Move comes as UK’s Prudential plans similar restructuring
Edward White talks to experts in the US and Seoul about Donald Trump's threat to withdraw troops from South Korea
Thousands stage fifth day of action against ruling that paves way to ban on terminations
Ambassadors confirm frontrunner as bloc’s joint candidate after summit talks
Travel and energy sectors hit hard as investors await details of stimulus talks
Senior MP concerned companies may use borrowings to cover costs of the debt used to buy them
Between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the choice should not be hard
Chancellor denies blocking extension of free school meals as Johnson hints at replacement scheme
Alternatively, a Trump win would encourage the UK ruling party’s worst instincts
Sought-after but expensive tech stocks have extended their lead during the pandemic

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